Our Mission

Got passions? Got an opinion? Want YOUR voice to be heard? CoverShr is an online platform for students to express their perspectives, ideas and thoughts for other students to see. Whether you have an interest in molecular biology or extremely passionate about global markets, CoverShr aims to encourage the young to think and write creatively and critically.

Excellence outside of academia

Not only are educational institutions and companies looking for applicants who are willing to push themselves and show excellence outside of academia, but life should always be about learning and sharing. Universities and colleges along with corporations love people who have developed underlying, defined interests with their subject interests and it is that, which makes up an individual.

CoverShr encourages you to enhance your extra-curricular opportunities by sharing your perspectives on the topics and subjects you love and matter most to you. 

Ideas, Viewpoints and You

Instead of going through all the hassle of building your own site, CoverShr remains hassle-free. A simple process of uploading and sharing means that you can focus on creating. We all have our take on life; the only way to progress, solve problems and show people who we are, is for ourselves to voice our ideas. Do it here on CoverShr.