The Trust Company: Airbnb


The everlasting beauty of trust.

Trust. Perhaps the core of any and every company. The vibrant ability to create powerful bonds with people is what many successful companies do daily. And Airbnb is a perfect "community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation".

In just 10 years, Airbnb has been a major influencer to how people choose to spend their experiences and travels. With over 200 million total guests and found in 65,000+ countries, Airbnb conveys a message that the world is really connected.

Selling cereal

Founded by Brain Chesky in 2007, Airbnb started as A rather long and uncreative name I guess but this was the beginning of Airbnb. With a small handful bookings during the 2007 to 2008 period, the summer of 2008 came flooding past.

And it's true. Brian and Joe Gebbia did actually come up with the idea for selling Obama O's and Cap'n McCain's. $30K worth of cereal. Not bad at all. Well compared to a $31 billion valuation, that seems to be a dwarf sum of money.


Although many may see Airbnb as a disruptor within the hotel industry, is it really? Perhaps it did create a shift in how people travelled and certainly provided a cheaper alternative to travel accommodation. But it's truly more than that.

Airbnb doesn't just provide accommodation and unique travel experiences, but there is a very strong sense of community and a great emphasis on interconnectedness. Something not provided through the "hotel experience". The old days where people stayed in hotels and travelled between various ones whilst on travels have surely gone.

Nowadays, people care significantly about the experiences they get from travelling from place to place. The people. The food. The culture. Hotels never truly provided this collection of exhilarating moments to experience and remember. Airbnb seized an opportunity to do as such, providing a leading marketplace for travellers and hosts.


Airbnb itself should be considered into the handful of companies run by "the people". Disregarding the idea that Airbnb is a company and stripping it down to the core fundamentals, Airbnb is just a collection of people connecting themselves with each other.

Individuals who let out their castle to travellers from London or individuals travelling to Paris for a weekend holiday, Airbnb is made up of millions of individuals who share the same common goal. To provide a community which enriches all.

The future

When so many individuals come together to share a vision, it is close to impossible to stop them. Not only has Airbnb created a distinctive platform for people to discover beautiful experiences and endless opportunities to build memories, but it has created a global community to encourage trust.

And that is what we should emulate. Trust.