Another Us


What if there's another us on a faraway rock where the sun burns less bright and you can watch the sunrise the way we watch the moon

I bet they live in a cabin overlooking the canyon
with mighty rock formations and abundant greenery - guardians in their mother earth's armor

what if there's another us - and they live each day in pure joy, loving bliss
I bet this alien me watches the alien you bathe
every morning in the basin of this alien Sedona
and every night he joins her in dance, as they bathe in the moonlight of twin moons - one white, one blue

what if there's another us that fall asleep side by side and dream sweet, kyanite dreams,
but the sweetest dream begins at dawn
when they open their eyes and look to their side

what if there's another us on a faraway rock
and every day is a new adventure, of a beautiful life, where every day is one divine day

if there can be another us
why can't there be another 'us'
on these rocks, on this earth beneath our hearts
why can't we be 'another us' to another us, on a faraway rock