Flame Lover


Dance with me in the
earthy embers of
a smoldering fire
on a cold, desert night.
encircle the twin flame
we've ignited
as we cast off these bodies
and take the form of
the rising smoke.
let the universe breathe
us in as the silver wisps
of a love on fire
but before we're exhaled
let's permeate the
cosmic core.
i'd have you linger
in this starry realm
among the council of
eternal stars where
the moons all whisper
"Here is your truest form."
and true to form
you'll prance about,
kissing suns and leaving
smoke circles beneath
the stars, to rise and
overtake the light
like cleansing sage,
to abate the darkness.
there's desire in my heart
to seek growth,
the kind your love-
yours and yours alone-
can provide while
dancing in the flames
of our eternal fire
but you must wish it so
only then can the
universe exhale