Latin/American: An American In The World


I once had pride in my country
but not the kind you see on your
roaming communication devices--
I was a proud citizen of the second
roman empire.

I longed for expansion, and a reason
to shout, "I am a Roman, of the second
Roman Empire."
I never once used 'american'.
but I am what I am and was what I was:

an American in the world.

on a whim, I went exploring;
I became an american 'cohors classica'--
a cohort at sea.
I went out into the world and found the
devastation of my country.

the intentions were good, but what
material is cast to pave the path to hell?
the empire was floundering.

I came back from the world a bitter man;
a disappointed roman--
but time and love transformed my soul.

I still have hope for my country; I still
believe in an empire--
one of gold: a deep shade of peace
and a bright hue of love.

we can conquer the world through
conquest of the heart of the world,
but we can't work alone.
we can unite the lands into a single,
impregnable, and eternal empire.

we could call this empire: Earth
and, of its citizens, we could be called: