Palms to the dirt--
my crown to a crown of rock;
let me breathe into the earth.
the aim, to reunite with my soul.

thousands upon thousands of
years, it toiled away at the core
of this earth;
searching for the spirit of the

I have found the crowning jewel,
down below--
at the molten core, I enter the
world's soul and begin our
symbiote hold.

I become the earth; the roots that
grow beneath the dirt--
and the trees that supply the world
with a breath of fresh air. I become
the mountains, and the rivers, and
the lakes; I become all the beauty
of the world.

of its wanton darkness, I consume
and trap within my soul; I become
the peace on earth so promised to
our human kind. 

I consume the spirit of the world
and become the earth, so I may be
your home; as you were once my own.