You Too


I have no words to part;
no actions to give--
none that I believe could
begin to help your pain;
none that I would give
without your consent.
I cannot begin to imagine
your suffering--
I can only imagine what
would be my own reactions:
some days I would retreat to
a realm far deeper than my
soul can go; some days I
would rage against the world
and wish for it to burn so
it could feel my pain;
some days I'd have hope or
just hide behind a smile; and
some days I would want to
reach out and prevent such
a thing from ever happening,
again and to another.
you may not want, need, or
ask for my help-- perhaps, 
from my kind, specifically--
and that is more than okay
but know I am listening; I
am able and willing to fight,
support, cry, laugh, destroy,
create, or spread a message,
alongside you.
and on my end, I will raise my
daughters to seek out not
gender but love, respect, and
equality in those they surround
themselves with--
and for those that come around
without consent, they will learn
that soft and gentle water can
unleash such a devasting power
against the brute force of
mountains, and if given the chance,
can consume the world.
my sons will learn of their own
devasting force; the kind that occurs
when wind and water mix, and thus
a force of nature reigns across the
they'll spread that knowledge to my
grandchildren, and their children; so
on and so forth--
until one day, I hope, we no longer
commit violence against our own;
or, at the very least, we learn to
stand up
for our own.