A Trip Down Memory Lane

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I went for a walk one day. It was a trip down memory lane. I went in search of my love. I found her, delighted, in the meadows of Time. Her body was not flesh. She passed through me, a ghostly image. Then, her delight turned to distraught. I walked away but promised to restore her form. I glimpsed her one last time. A sight to behold, with dark mist pervading her eyes and, most of all, her heart. I walked away.

I went for a walk down memory lane and took a turn down Future way. I looked for answers there. I looked for her. I spent hours and only found defeat. She wasn't there on Future way. At least, not my Future way. I was left with only one choice: a trip back down memory lane.

The mists of Time grew thicker the further south I trekked down memory lane. I turned down Past, a road that ended in a cul de sac. I found my love near a broken home, chained to the lamppost with the heart of a lost loved one in her hands. I sat beside her. "I'm sorry," was all she said. I kissed her cheek; I kissed her forehead; I left her lips alone. I struggle to my feet, the world crashing down with all the fury of its weight. From behind, I placed my hand on the crown of her head. This would be the last time I felt her at the edge of my fingertips.

I took a trip down memory lane and found my love chained to the past. I pulled myself out of her. Our memories, every last one, was taken from her. Now I bear the weight of two broken hearts. I released her from the chains and led her inside the home she feared. She found her love inside. He took her into his arms and asked if there was anything he could do for me.
"Love her the way I did. Love her eternal. And, please, give back the chains. I'm going to need them."