pexels-photo-414727.jpeg a gift
Its bow unraveled,
cosmic rays of light unfurled,
a shimmer of light spreading
infinitely outward, pouring out...

Life a curse
continually returned to its source
by the hand of Death--
oh, and Misery
trial after miserable trial
as if we're in competition for...

is what you make of it
Life brings us joy and misery -
gift wrapped companions of...-,
there's no need to inflict
further harm upon our selves.
there's no reason to keep things
or people that only inbreed misery.
spark your soul; overflow your spirits
with love and joy to assuage the
curse of sorrow.
Love boundlessly, unconditionally.
Life is a gift not meant to be thrown
back to the void; not meant to be
lived untenanted of heart and soul.

You - you live your 'gifts' so damn well,
when your time comes--
Death grievously suffers upon tending
to its return.