It was somewhere past the sun --
the alluring light made more stunning
by arcing prominences, active in their
explosive dance --
I begun to doubt my path. Was the way
forward meant to be literal? Or, was it
just giving in and finally abandoning
hope and love --
those two ideals so heavily engraved
by your name? 
But it was past the sun, I decided to
keep moving forward.
I wish you could have seen all the
beauty of every sun and every moon
I greeted along my path.
I saw planets so similar to ours --
I wondered if they had 'another us' --
and I found worlds unlike anything
your beautiful mind could have ever
dreamt up.

It was somewhere past the very last
galaxy --
where no star dared to further
illuminate the dark --
I stopped to think of you and us.
I lost Time so long ago; I could only
guess how many milleniums passed
me by and how long since you...
passed --
It was almost too much to bare.
I never believed in angels but I know
when you fell into your final, sweetest
dream that an angel finally came to be.
I moved forward on my path;
the universe was coming to an end.

It was somewhere past insanity --
I think you were right: no human should
endure eternity, especially alone --
It was then that I came upon a line of
hollow bodies: long dead ancient
stars. This is where I now stand --
at the edge of infinity, a line drawn
across space and time. I used to think
eternity was the amount of time you
and I would have -- 
to love and live and be happy, wild
and free as children. When you walked
away, I thought eternity meant a measure
of all the words and emotions and
memories that would forever haunt me.
But now I see --
eternity is a line drawn in the cosmic sand.
Why did I begin this journey and travel so
far from home --
leaving everyone behind that I ever loved
before and after you? 
I once made a promise:
"I will love you now and forever."
So here I stand at the edge of infinity
...and I must move on.