The Dark Poets


I walked into the garden of Eden; the place was in ruins. The dark on horizon -- a storm was brewing. The wind blew through the trees and rattled as a warning but I walked forward.

In the garden of Eden, I met a shadow and a specter. I played the fool and asked, "Who are you?"
They answered, "We are the dark poets."
I circled the shadow and the specter. "So...?"

"We are not complete," they spoke in unison. "And you seek a way out of the garden. The best way out is through. It will take more than a mere human, though. You need us and we need you."

I looked at the storm on the horizon. There was fire in the sky highlighting the contours of the dark clouds. Thunder crackled, but it came from the trees. It was still a warning.

"Fine," I said. "But, you give your loyalty to me. And I don't need a way out. The storm is brewing but I came to wait by the garden. There's darkness coming and the best way out is in."

Then, I devoured the specter; its energy became mine. I turned to the shadow but he bowed before me. "I'll be fine right here."

I walked through the garden of Eden and sat by an old tree with rotten apple cores.

A little fairy fluttered by and asked with fear throughout her voice, "Where are all the old gods?"
"Consumed by the storm," I answered.
The fairy perched herself on my shoulder.
"Why are you here, then?" She asked.
I answered, "To consume the storm."

The fairy fluttered once more and demanded in anger to know, "Who are you to succeed where the old gods have failed?"

In unison, we answered --
the shadow, and specter, and I --

"We are the dark poets."