Solitary man


Oh Solitary man! do not sail too long
For these tranquil waters that gleam
Under the warmth of the nostalgic star
Cloak a fervent malice in its sheen.

Soon these peaceful waters will mutiny--
Conspire against your dreamy muse
The Ocean blue will bleed crimson red
Of the Infanticide of long dead youthful dreams

In this hellish sea of reflection,
Faceless men with rotting skin
, submerging from the icy depths of evocation
Shall rasp in melancholic unity

I am the lover that once loved, 
I am the dreamer that once dreamed,
we are the ones you left to die,
the spectres of retrospect, 
every “if only
” , every “what if
locked away in this ethereal cage
with only grief for food and regret to drink, 
drunk on hate - once spawned from passion
we sing for our homecoming once more
For what do you know of love, if you do not abhor precisely what you once loved? “

It is sweet to reminisce of a simpler time
To feel the weightlessness of heart
But indulge too long and you will drown—
For the seas of memory are carnivorous.

Oh solitary man, you’ll be a beast of the past a ghost of the present
And soon…
you too will be
just another drop in this boundless ocean.

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