As a young boy, I was unlike any of the rest. They played with plastic cars and painted soldiers; dreamt of being football players and movie actors. I wrote stories of a boy that saved the universe; dreamt of fairy tale love and being someone's knight in shining armor. When society felt it was time to label me a man- long before I would ever allow myself to consider that title to be true- I let the crushing, paramount weight of the world decimate that little boy's spirit. I let myself become like all the other little boys. I was the wolf that stalked the forest, leaving a trail of broken hearts in my wake.

I saved myself from that darkness. But, still, I remained half man, half beast. This hybrid form had the same hopes and dreams of the little boy but with the sharp teeth and clawed paws of the beast. It was this form you met. I came out of the forest and greeted you with a great cloak wrapped around me, hiding what remained of the wolf. Your smile melted away the darkness. Your eyes spurred the sun from its rest to the great height where it now resides. You uncloaked my figure and, to my surprise, I was human again.
That little boy is now fully grown- a man.

As a boy, I dreamt of fairy tale love and being someone's knight in shining armor.
As a beast, I dreamt of fairy tale love and having someone rescue me from my curse.
As a hybrid, I dreamt of being the little boy again.
And as a man, I stopped dreaming. I stopped believing in fairy tales. I stopped believing in soulmates. I stopped believing in love. I stopped because of you.

In you, I found something far greater than anything I ever believed Love could accomplish. I don't have words for what this is; maybe the next step in Love's evolution. Maybe an ancient force that created Love so it could slumber until it found two vessels worthy of overtaking. Or, maybe something entirely different yet in the same vein as Love. If soulmates exist, send mine a gift basket and my regards. Tell her I found someone that doesn't complete my soul; she transforms it into a force of nature.

If the union of two souls, or the concept of the soul itself, has never been real, then whatever this is between us, has pulled it right out of the fairy tale books and into reality.