Love In The Wrong Timing


It seems to happen every time I feel like touching the sky. I was okay and suddenly I meet you; you make my world a little bit brighter and shining. Then I started falling so hard and I couldn't control it or stop thinking about you.

But of course, it always seems I'm not the one who reaches the sky. It's always the wrong time for me. I feel in love when I was supposed to stay away from it. For days, everything feels like the best chapters of my favorite book. I feel the spark every single minute I think about you. I almost feel like I can conquer the world.

I am in love for the first time and maybe this, the last time. Of course, I'm naive and I don't know much about what's in store for this love. The only thing I know is the love I feel for you is real.

I truly believe that we are meant to be. I even think that our souls were made to complete each other. But life is a funny thing and it sent us to different places.

The boy I love is in another country. Not a different city or a different state. Exactly 7286 miles away and we can't change that. Not even an airplane ticket can turn it back around.

The lucky charm isn't with me all the time and even if try to make it work and even if we are convinced to love each other. Funny because that's love - it makes you feel and think crazy things but I am physically sick and broken.

Even when I'm still convinced I can give you my all. Time says no. Distance slowly is turning into too much. Time zone doesn't work for us. Maybe the timing was all wrong. But I still think after two years that you are my soulmate.

But most of the I wonder: does timing break people apart? Is the distance or the challenge that we can't control? Are we meant to love just for a period of time?

Are we wrong for each other? Or maybe you just needed to love me for an amount of time so you could open your heart to someone else. To a better love story.