You took my footbridge,

You took my freedom


You took my footbridge,

You took my direction


Now I have nowhere to go.

In the darkness, I stand alone


In isolation

Nothingness surrounds me

I feel incomplete.


Wheels only turn,

Smirking at 90

Bullying me with their whistles

Pulling rude faces

Mocking me of my loneliness

Laughing at my desperation

Oh lord, where is my footbridge?


There was a time when they would stop


And welcome me

The doors would be open

And I could travel free.


There was a time when I was free like a bird

Free to go

Free to come


Now I can only go

Can’t come home

Sweet home


I miss those days - a lot

I cry in hope

That one day

Just one day

I will smile again


I will fly in its breeze

I will smell its warmth

Its strength

Its connection

Once again!


I will be complete

Complete again

With my friend

My backbone

My lovely footbridge

My footbridge will run

Run to me

And I will run

Run to her

Two lovers will unite

Family will be one

Old will be gold

Once again!


I am not asking for gold

Just a frame of metal

Some steps

And a corridor.


I am not asking for gold

Just the wheel stopping

And the smell of new life

And travel in both ways.


One day my footbridge will come

My freedom will come

My sense of direction will be clear

And destiny will climb its way to me!


Where two worlds meet

In peace and harmony.


This poem is dedicated to Pilning Station and I hope National Rail will soon fulfil your wish and the footbridge will stand tall and proud once again!

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