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How to get away with major crimes...

Today we live in a world where tonnes of crime takes place every day including petty thefts as well as...wait for it...MURDER!!! So when you are watching your murder mystery series on Netflix, do you ever wonder how criminals get away with murder in real life?

Well first, let’s ease in and start off with a less heinous crime like kidnapping. In general, this type of crime is the easiest to get away with when compared to murder since it requires a very low percentage of skill to cover up and is most favourable for women. Quite interesting right?? I mean it isn’t every day you see women getting better treatment for a crime compared to a man.

The main reason for this is, however, because cases such as single mothers holding their own children hostage to ask for more property or cash from their partner are not as uncommon as you think (200,000 children abducted by their parents in 2010 alone). Furthermore, even if the parent is caught, the free trial they get under the Rule of Law principle established by A.V Dicey in 1885 is in a family court made up of a mostly female jury who have experienced parenthood in some point of their lives and based on that, most guilty persons can appeal to their maternal instincts to resist being sentenced or found guilty

NOW FOR THE MURDER BIT...MUHAHAHA! Just kidding; this crime, as you’ve guessed already, is a teensy weensy bit more complicated unless you work in a medical department. This is because professionals who work with some sort of medical background are proven to be more careful with their evidence and how they plan the crime due to the similar thinking pattern used by forensics to help with and solve homicide cases.

On the other hand, one of the main reasons why other people get away with murder is because they are great at blending in and seeming “normal” to prove to people that they are not a threat but are absolutely harmless. This means murderers can be disguised as family people with children, pets and a good marriage however what this doesn’t mean that you go around eyeing ALL the people in your neighbourhood. Only the majority. Also, people who have committed a planned murder are usually calm and controlled after it as they do not want to give away anything to any possible witnesses and are in a stable mental position to plan ahead so that they can take the attention away from them if ever they are questioned by the police.

Moreover, unlike what we have seen on TV and Sherlock, the evidence is not as easy to obtain since most murderers wear thick enough gloves to prevent their fingerprints from transferring on the weapon and also take the murder weapon with them and any remaining evidence, such as DNA is harder to get than you think. This is because this type of evidence is extremely fragile and can be easily perished by weather conditions, animals or even water and this is why police officers who arrive first on the homicide scene are ordered to note down weather conditions and time of day so that forensics still have a chance of obtaining some knowledge about the crime.

Now in terms of witnesses, it is advised that the crime is done in the early hours of morning so that most people are asleep and the chances of you getting caught are the slimmest but even if someone does see you, the likelihood of them coming forward in court is still relatively low since they too will think if you’re horrendous enough to commit one murder, who’s to stop you from another one? But clearly, you wouldn’t want the hassle of a possible witness just after a murder so it would be best to do it in rural, quiet areas where there is no one around to see. So, the main point I am trying to get across here is that you don’t have to necessarily remove evidence from the crime scene, but just remove your link to the evidence by taking precautions beforehand.

Finally, the best getaway vehicle of choice would be a bike. Though not as glorious as a James Bond Jaguar it would allow you to avoid cameras on the road and even go incognito off-road just to be on the safe side. Plus, if you are exposed by the police, it would help you avoid traffic jams so you could easily outrun the cops, however, the only disadvantage I see is a minor one of which is the possibility of getting shot since there’s no roof to protect you but what are the chances ehh? So in summary, these are the rules to get away with a major crime:

1.      Try and act like a woman in front of the jury if you ever get caught to evoke sympathy

2.      Get a medical degree so you are more efficient at committing the crime

3.      Remain calm after the crime so it’s easier to think ahead

4.      Make sure you have good thick gloves to keep you warm and avoid fingerprint transfer

5.      Wake up early so you don’t get seen

6.      Make sure you have a bike on standby to escape

7.      Be normal