You were there from the start.

With me, part of me, in my heart.

I never understood you


I felt you

But only superficially.


You were patient; you waited for me to know you.

And then I felt you

Right there next to my crush

You helped us together

You tore us apart

I knew you.


Then I met my love

You supported me

Moved us together.

You gave me my missing half

The next to pass my love


You gave me a meaning

To call my wasteland home

You let me enjoy

The complex simplicity of life.

But then you took my love.


Forced to watch her suffer.

Growing weaker and weaker.

Time raced by.

At last, you took her.


I lashed out,

I tore everything apart

I asked you why

You saw me cry


 I realised then,

You had left me a certain someone.

My kin, her legacy.

I rekindled my love.


You took one,

But gave me another.

You are my enemy,

But also my friend.

Now I know the meaning,

Love and death,

Go hand in hand.