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Our Words Are No Longer a Mirror of What They Used to be.

You are probably one the best guys I have ever known. You are an exceptional character. I wasn’t a risk taker back then when we started talking; I actually like the things I can control to know I'm safe. Thanks to you my world became electric. Your humorous banter kept me laughing and smiling for days. I love how you see life as a canvas to explore and enjoy. I like how you rarely accept something negative but instead, you tried to find the right side. Despite being greatly guarded, you broke all of my walls down and shatter them. How I LOVE the way you spark the world inside of me; and I just fell so deeply in love with you. But the time and months have made of our relationship a fraction of what it was before. 

We unfortunately settled and got comfortable with it. I didn't tell you how I felt because it was worthless to do it since I tried before and you acted like things were okay. Our plans and lists are just that things wrote on paper. I used to think we could take the world by each other’s side. But unfortunately, our lives kept showing us another story. I can still vividly feel the way we slowly slipped away from our fingertips. How my heart is begging me not to leave you.

But my words and even yours from a year ago are no longer a mirror of what they used to be. And even if you want and try your happiness no longer is because of me. While I clearly saw my image fading in your life. I realize I had been a second option, an afterthought just a text in your spare time. I realized that I ceased to be a priority since you life had always been great and now you're conquering your dreams.

And I know you are happy there. I recognized that having a relationship was unfair to both of us. I think that now we just need freedom from a relationship that stops us from growing. I know we both deserve better than just being a text during the middle of the day. We completely ignored us by having secrets. Most of the time I feel taken for granted and probably you also feel taken from granted That made me realize that nobody deserves to feel this way and that I wasn't ready to make you feel bad for how I feel. I'm not ready to ruin your happiness anymore. 

I guess it's time for you to give a chance to the person you have right there and because that person can be more than just a text. You are young and you need to enjoy your achievements with someone there by your side. I guess we are always going to be stars in different constellations. I'll be forever sorry to not be able to more than this and I'm sorry for hurting you with my words. Don't let life pass you by for clinging to the idea of us when you could win the world with your smile.