Replace hate with love,
Swap bad for good.
Don't do what you have to do
Do what you should.
Don't Walk Away,
Do take a stand.
Don't make a Fist
Reach out your hand.
Put yourself second
Say 'after you'
Be less what you say
And more what you do

Be the example that you seek.
Be grateful, humble, respectful, meek.
Spread love, not hate
Don't give in to fear
Use much less mouth, and much more ear.
Be honest, loyal, open, true
Don't follow the crowd; be different - be you
Shine your light wherever there is dark
Don't blend in - make your mark
Ask questions; challenge what you are told
Be brave, be inspiring, be radical, be bold

Be him.
Be her.
Be us
Be them.
Be all combined as one - and then
Be who you hoped you thought you'd be
Be soaring, weightless, flying free.

Be you - for that is all you can be.
You be you,
And I'll be me.