One day I'll be your home.


One day I just don't want to spend the night with you but I look forward to waking up and sharing my morning with you.
One day you turned into the one person that was able to break through me.

One day you are going to look into my eyes and know that I'm lying and I'll do the same to you. 
One day just by looking into your eyes I'm going to know what you are thinking and feeling, before you even say maybe even when I know you aren't well.

One day I realized that we share a connection that we'll never understand. But I just feel blessed to have met someone who can share this. 
One day you are going to let me into your world and it will be our world. 

One day we are going to talk about dreams like we haven’t before. One day you are going to tell me the fears you have, knowing I'll never use them against you.
One day you broke into my walls and opened some emotions I didn't know I was capable of having. One day even knowing we aren't perfect together, we complete each other in a way that all makes sense from day one.

One day you find yourself remembering every single word I had told you from the first time we ever talked and the first promise I made you.

One day you are going to know I'm your only home.