Don't let others take away your fairy tale


Sometimes the people I love are trying so hard to make me grow up. To keep my feet on the ground and not in the clouds. To have a proper job, a 'real one'. They want me to settle and to leave my dreams aside because I'm too old to live in my personal fairy tale. Every time I listen to them saying those kind of things, it breaks my heart. Because why should I settle for something that is going to make me unhappy? 

Not dreaming is the most boring thing ever; it doesn't have a spark and being content doesn't shine at all to be accepted at least for me.

The truth is that I don't want to stop dreaming. I still want to believe in fairy tales and I want to appreciate every little detail as the most beautiful one. Everyone that is around me has been trying so hard to "grow up" and hide their dreams inside their hearts. The sad thing is that they aren't happy in that way because nothing is good enough. They are missing their fairy tale to engine their happiness.

Sure, they want the best for me but when it comes to life, my life, I want to listen to the little girl that still lives inside of me. The little girl that tells me that happy endings are real and that I shouldn't give up but just try harder. The little girl that wants to see the world with her eyes and not in a photograph. The girl that wants to feel silly around the boy she likes. The girl that wants her own romance novel.

I want to be brave as the girl in my fairy tale. I want to find my happy place remembering where I'm from and dreaming where I want to go next. 

My fairy tale, the one that makes everyone around me worry, makes me feel fully excited and happy in ways no one could ever think of. But no matter what others think about my dreams, I'm going to keep pursuing them. 

Because I want to be the one who makes others believe in themselves again. I want to be the one who impress others with courage to keep on dreaming no matter how people try to convince you that you are wrong. So never forget to keep your fairy tale still alive.

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