John Frederick Kennedy: Is the truth finally here?


The 35th president of New York, John Frederick Kennedy is widely recognised for his tragic assassination in Dallas, Texas and for stopped global destruction by avoiding a nuclear war with the USSR at the worst point of tension in the Cold War. The man is one of the most recognisable figures in modern history, and his role in the Cold War is studied by millions of schoolchildren around the world. But now, in 2017 a whole new set of documents are about to become available about this iconic president.

US Congress declared in 1992, that all documents relating to Kennedy, were to be released in twenty-five years unless the president decides that the release would harm national security. Well, it’s now 2017, so the specified 25 years are up. Donald Trump, the current president, recently tweeted that he would allow the release, “subject to receipt of further information.” The majority of documents relating to Kennedy have already been released by National Archives, however, some are still hidden from the public eye. In such a controversial case, with Kennedy’s assassination responsible for countless theories, some even leading back to the CIA, as to who the identity of the sniper was on that eventful day, the importance of these documents could not be understated.

The archive contains 3,000 unreleased documents, a long-awaited moment for historians studying the Cold War. The documents are said to contain information on Lee Harvey Oswald’s movements before the eventful day. Oswald was originally arrested for murder, however, he denied the charges but was notoriously murdered himself by nightclub owner Jack Ruby while still in police custody, prior to a trial or investigation. The majority of documents have already been released but this could be valuable evidence to proving or debunking the several theories behind the assassination.

It is in wide consensus that the public deserves to know the facts, or at the very least what the government knows and has kept under the table since the 60s. More information is always the way forward when shining the light on all historic events. Although there will still be numerous theories, we are moving in the right direction to shine the light on Kennedy.