Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
— Bill Gates

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Don’t be too quick to judge a Judge

Politics | Malav Joshi

To us, the idea of law and courts seems pretty straightforward right?


Donald Trump's Judicial Takeover

Politics | Dhruv Kadam

In the 354 days since Donald Trump became President, it appears on the surface, that in actual legislative terms, he has achieved little, and the evidence appears to point to that.


The Importance of Water

In Short | Liness Thavaraja

A molecule of water, H2O, consists of two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to an atom of oxygen. How is this substance so vital to living organisms?


A Race

Creative | Noma Kim

Can you wait for me?
I only need a bit more.
A few more hurdles,


Entropy - The Time Line of The Universe

Science | Adamya Paretha

Entropy is a term often associated with randomness and disorder. In the language of physics, it is the measure of how disorderly a system is, an actual quantity, shown the symbol ‘S’.


The Euroboom

Economics | Shakeel Ahmed

Following disturbing forecasts heading into 2017, the Eurozone’s economy advanced 2.6% in the third quarter.


Writing is a Difficult Endeavour

Creative | Debbie Aruta

If you write, you are a writer. If you soul search you are a poet (or writer ) and if you love words and use them in the most magical way, you are lucky.


Has climate change intensified Hurricanes?

Geograophy | Jimmy Shi

Hurricanes are complex and difficult to predict. With the rarity of these events and the small amount of historical data, it is difficult to say that climate change is worsening the impact.


Classifications of Crime

Politics | Malav Joshi

We hear people being convicted of crimes daily from sources such as the news, to social media and twitter but a lot of the technical words the reporters seem to say about the crime just sound like gibberish!


Interview Blog Sessions

Founder of Pocket Scholar, Stephen Jensen discusses his experience at Harvard University 

Having attended a public high school, Stephen Jensen went on the study at Harvard University. Stephen is a true example of when hard work and perseverance combined, can enable you to achieve goals and accomplishments which you have set yourself.


Founder & Director of Music & Earth International Priya Parrotta | Life as an author

Having a strong passion for music, the environment and writing, Founder & Director of Music & the Earth International Priya Parrotta, reveals her experiences as an author along with advice for aspiring young writers.


Designer of The Oregon Trail Philip Bouchard Talks about Technology

The Oregon Trail. Thought to be one the most successful educational games, was first developed in 1971. Lead designer of the game, Philip Bouchard fully describes his experiences with building such a masterpiece which would go on to have a long-lasting legacy of more than 40 years.



The Great Roar of Time

Paleontology | Adam Lau

As the Jurassic period ended, the long-anticipated shift in time had materialised and welcomed the age of the biggest dinosaurs and creatures to ever walk the Earth.



Poetic Existence | Christian Lopez

A splash of life against the backdrop of a barren barrier; droplets of color race across the divide, halting in old age.


The Thriving Titans

History and Paleontology | Adam Lau

The rise of the Jurassic Era was nigh when the Triassic period ended as it had begun: a mass extinction caused by theories of an asteroid collision with Earth.


WeChat Pay: The Payment Phenomenon in China

Society | Jimmy Shi

It’s difficult to describe WeChat since no app in the Western World alone can do all the things it does.


Parliamentary Sovereignty

In Short | Nayshil Patel

Sovereignty is one of the most controversial ideas in political science and international law. In the UK, the Houses of Parliament have sovereignty. 


Why You (Don't) Like Parma Violets

Science | Liness Thavaraja 

Our flavour perception is about 80% reliant on out perception of smells at how we actually smell.


The Tesla Semi Truck And Tesla Roadster

Engingeering and Tech | Mathew Kappen

Recently, Tesla had a release conference. They released the All new Tesla Semi truck and Tesla Roadster.


Morse Code and the Telegraph

 Engineering | Ifeatu Obiora  

The telegraph is absolutely useless. It is frustratingly slow, and it limits us to around 20 words per minute, in comparison to normal speech at 150 words per minute.


Maths In Action Lectures 2017: Review

Maths In Action | Ifeatu Obiora

I was fortunate enough to attend a series of maths lectures on Thursday the 30th of November.


Featured Posts

Bubbling Bitcoin

Tech | Mihir Patwa

Currently, one Bitcoin is equal in value to 7686.57 pounds, but many believe these new cryptocurrencies are an economic bubble. 


Oligopoly: A Market You've Never Heard Of

Business and Economics | Aditya Ravindrakumar

Other than the “popular” board game that you may have unwillingly played with your family, a monopoly refers to an economic market situation where there exists only one firm that provides a good or service. 



Laurence Lagrue

If you look deep enough into the dark,
You'll see reflections of your soul.
Keep staring, and you'll find yourself


Schrödinger's Cat- Is it Really Alive and Dead?

Physics | Adamya Paretha

Schrödinger here argued that because the cat was also made of atoms, each obeying the laws of quantum mechanics, its fate becomes entangled with that of the radioactive atoms.


Do International Human Rights Treaties really matter? Part 3: Assistance

In Short | Nayshil Patel

Where do less developed countries stand?



Creative | Mudit Tulsianey

Are a wonderful thing.
An image immortalised forever.