TV & Online presenter Tyler West speaks to us about fashion and men's style

Today, we’re speaking to men’s fashion YouTuber and TV sports presenter Tyler West about his career and what has influenced him to be where he is today. Send him some love by taking a look at his channel; we’ve linked it below! Questions by Hishaam Ali.

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1. When did you start getting into fashion and streetwear? What were the reasons?

My interest in fashion was influenced by my brother (his head has just grown). Naturally, being the young one, I looked at his dress sense as ‘in the style’ and I was never shy at sneakily borrowing a shirt or two on party occasions. Unfortunately, now I’m taller…way taller, I’m the big little brother – the sizing issues are real. One thing led to another and streetwear is one of the many areas that became my ‘thing’.

2. Who are your fashion inspirations both past and present?     

Fashion inspirations of the past are times of ‘House Party Kid N Play,’ not just because of the infamous dance, but also the unique style, whereas nowadays I get my inspiration from certain profiles and influencers on Instagram, magazines and industry legends.

3. How would you describe your style?

Urban-unique…but a bit different.

4. What are your top 5 style investment recommendations?     

Selection of basics (plain t-shirts, jumpers etc.), black jeans, block-colour trainers, statement piece of jewelry and a timeless leather jacket; versatile buys.

5. When did you decide to start making YouTube videos and how do you find juggling YouTube with your daily life?    

I decided to begin YouTube after deferring my uni offer and deciding to take a risk, entering the world of TV, which fits hand-in-hand. It’s a space where I can continue to make content, whether it be lifestyle, fashion or just simply fun and games.

We thank Tyler West for giving us an insight into life as a YouTuber and his passion for fashion! You can check out Tyler's channel here:



Fashion, men’s style and lifestyle is a thing of mine. A passion from young and experiencing every kind of worst ‘style’ you can imagine, from boot cuts to sock and sandals, I’ve had my fair share. But often on my channel I get asked my top tips, so here is some I could personally vouch for and recommend.

1.      Originality

Sounds so simple but the reality is this, if we lived in a world where we all dressed in the same outfit how could you embrace your own style? Simple. It doesn’t always come down to what your wearing, but how you wear it. Not saying you could pull off a pink leotard by that fact, but definitely create your own personal style that’s different to the next.

2.      Investment is Key

I can’t tell you how many ‘bargain’ shops I’ve done in my life... That’s because I’ve honestly lost count. Buying cheap isn’t always the best option. So as long as it doesn’t break the bank, think of how important item you’re buying is, does it justify the price for how much you’ll use it? Sometimes it is definitely worth forking out the extra bit of money to compliment your style. A good pair of black jeans never go a miss for me,  – this leads me on to my next point...

3.      Basics.

When it comes to style, one thing that is universal is wardrobe basics. White/black tees, block colour jeans, ‘go-to shoes’, smart casual shoes etc. etc. These are all items of which are needed for a majority of styles across the board. If you stock up on these smartly, you’ll never run out of style combinations.

4.      It’s just a label

A world obsessed with image has made it hard not to style without taking into consideration the label. Some brands are honestly worth the label for the quality they provide. Where as some buys for your style just aren’t justifiable. Buying an Armani white Tee shirt is not going to make you ‘stylish’ (in fact nobody will know its Armani unless you are wearing it inside out and backwards to see the collar label.) But coming up with true fit and unique combinations that you feel comfortable in will showcase your style perfectly. *Don’t be afraid to test new brands, a lot of these start-ups are offering premium quality at half the price.

5.      Last but not least... style importance.

Your style is a huge reflection of who you are as a person. Now you may not care what other people have to think of you and that’s great. But for your own state of mind “look good feel good” comes into play. Your style is present in everything that you do, on trend (one that you like) but original is what it comes down to.


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