Hillary Clinton and the Failed American Dream


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On Tuesday November the 8th the Electoral College decided that Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States of America. People took to the streets to protest against their new President-elect. There were marches and demonstrations all across the world. But one woman stayed silent. She took strolls in the woods. And she started writing. Her new booked 'What Happened?', is a perfect title. How did she, the epitome of the American Dream, ('if you work hard you can do anything,') how did she, Secretary Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, not succeed President Obama, to become the 45th and first woman President of the United States of America?

In the 1970s she worked in the Children's Defence Fund. She then was First Lady and a Senator in New York. She then became Secretary of State and was the Democratic nominee for President. We all know that story. She's repeated it more than enough. So why couldn't she beat a man who publicly boasts about assaulting woman, who mocked disabled people, who is a racist, bigot and a down right horrible person?

Well lets have a look, first before the election. In the 1990s during the Bill Clinton scandal she publicly stood by her husband in the face of the perjury and obstruction of justice charges facing him. Now although that seems alright she was seen as power-hungry, wanting to stick by her President Husband so she can use it as a leap towards the Senate. But still after her husband's Presidency she became a senator for New York where she oversaw the 9/11 attacks and the re-construction of New-York. Then during her tenure as Secretary of State her email scandal and the Bhengazi incident really hit her hard, as well as accusations that she made paid speeches for the Goldman and Sachs bank. A lot of these things came up during the elections and it were her critics main attacks.

Also her image. She has been portrayed as a cold-hearted b@£!h by the media and a comparison to fictional House of Cards President, Frank Underwood (brilliant show by the way.) She has been displayed as Conservative and not engaging, using the same old rhetoric constantly. She has been described as a Republican in blue cloth. None of these things has helped her through her political life.

However lets now compare her to Donald Trump. He has made remarks that have made liberals quiver in their shoes. His university was daylight robbery, he abused a disabled journalist, he posted about sexually assaulting women. He has made racist and homophobic remarks, he has been endorsed by a former grand wizard of the KKK. Bill Clinton almost got impeached by the innuendo that he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

People wanted a change, an outsider and that's where Donald Trump came in. (Above Photo: Original here Flickr  Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0))

People wanted a change, an outsider and that's where Donald Trump came in. (Above Photo: Original here Flickr  Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0))

So how did she lose? Well one reason was that she represented the political elite. People wanted a change, an outsider and that's where Donald Trump came in. But that's rubbish! Donald Trump's cabinet consists of Wall-Street financials bank managers, millionaires and billionaires. They know absolutely nothing about the plight of the working people and how they suffer. No that can't be it. So the 2nd reason. She was a woman. America was not ready to have a woman in the oval-office. She was hard-working, had devoted her life to public servitude.

Yes she made mistakes, which were very bad, and which should haunt her. But no way was she less able to discharge the duties of President, as Donald Trump is. She faced remarks about her hair, her clothes, and she took it in her stride. She joked about it, laughed about it but it was a problem. Women in power are scrutinised far more than men. Look at Macron. He's married a woman 25 years older than him. If that Lady ran for President she would be mocked and ridiculed, it's a fact. 

And the third reason. The Liberal Suppression. The democrats forced the ideas that America should accept the LGBTQ+ community, that immigrants were welcome that they need to support other countries. Anyone who disagreed with these values where called racists and homophobes. There wasn't a clear discussion about why these things were good. And that is why you get a Donald Trump moment. It's even happened at home. Brexit. There was no discussion when the government opened the borders to let EU migrants in. There was no discussion as to why we have to be subservient to EU laws.

And even now people who voted Leave are called racists and bigots. But that's where we are going wrong. We are not having good meaningful discussion and instead not saying anything under the pretence of 'Political correctness." Yes of course you can't go round making racist remarks but there should be meaningful discussion about these topics. And that is where the American Dream failed. Yes Hillary had problems along the way but she had worked hard, and she deserved the Presidency. But because of this idea Liberal Suppression, the American Dream failed. People who are now hard-working, but are refugees or Mexican or Syrian, would not get a job. And this is not just in the U.S. This is happening all over the world because matters like immigration are not discussed. The UK, France, Germany, Austria, India, they are all facing a rise in populism.

So yes the American Dream failed, not just in America but around the world. But Hillary Clintons downfall and Donald Trump's Presidency should be a lesson. That we need to talk.