Eight most ridiculous laws we still have in the UK


1.     It is illegal in England to import to England, in the course of business, any potatoes which a person believes or has good evidence to believe, are imported from Poland.

-         I mean….why?

It’s not as if the polish government secretly plan to inject some sort of substances in them which, after we eat them, will turn us into some sort of deformed beings. At least I hope so.



2.     It is illegal to be drunk in the pub

-         Really??? I thought the whole idea of free houses was to get raging drunk and vomit all over the place!! I mean, what’s the point of a pub otherwise?


3.     It is illegal to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances

-Such as terrorism weirdly where one someone can still somehow plant a bomb in it leading to the death of thousands if not millions.

Can u imagine the papers the next day? “Jihadi salmon takes the lives of innocent civilians”



4.     It is illegal to avoid telling the tax man anything you do not want him to know, but legal not to tell him information you do not mind him knowing.

-         Confusing right?

Though it may sound as being completely and utterly contradictory, it simply relates to the tax avoidance scheme of 2006 and says that a person must disclose any schemes or loopholes designed to overcome their or their business’s tax payment. Therefore when you simplify it, it does in fact seem relatively sensible.

5.     It is illegal under the terms of the Prohibition and Inspections Act of 1998 to cause a nuclear explosion.

-        Well that’s a brilliant idea!

Clearly they do not know something called common sense actually exists, which tells us that causing a nuclear explosion is bad. But I guess there are a few people who probably wouldn’t realize otherwise.



6.     It is a crime to be drunk whilst being in charge of a cow in Scotland

-        The alcohol licensing act of 1872 prohibits a person from looking after a cow as well as a horse and steam engine and if violated, carries a large fine of 1200 GBP

7.     It is an offence to deny access to someone knocking on your door that requires using your toilet in Scotland.

-        So apparently, if someone knocking on your door in Scotland happens to be carrying a knife, you should still let them enter to relieve themselves (before they stab you).



8.     Finally, it is illegal to die in the houses of parliament

-         Meaning that if you are in there and suddenly get a heart attack, make sure you run outside and call an ambulance so you won’t be jailed…after you die.