4 of the most unusual lawsuits

Law as we know it is in place today for the protection of good, law-abiding citizens like you and me; securing our human rights and how we get treated in society as a whole. BUT… there are various instances where these laws lead to a variety of strange claims appearing in court such as filing a lawsuit against McDonald's for serving the coffee too hot, as well as being sued for giving birth to an ugly baby!! (Weird right?) But anyways, here are the top four unusual lawsuits that really caught my eye…


1. A 59 year old woman from Scotland sued her landlord’s company for a lack of sufficient care for her safety. Why do you ask? Well, she was brutally attacked, suffered minor injuries to the head and suffered emotional distress over the assault due to a…

Seagull who she described as extremely “vicious” for dive-bombing on top of her head! I mean, it’s not as if the seagull relentlessly flew throughout the day searching for her seemingly comfortable head just so it could poo on it. Anyways, you’ll be relieved to find out that this case was soon dismissed and the defendant had to pay no charges for his “horrendous” actions.  


2. The “pants” lawsuit was a civil lawsuit and indeed a very famous one as it was about a Roy Pearson who sued a dry cleaning company for 40 million pounds for a lost pair of trousers based on the legal grounds of inconvenience, mental anguish (somehow) and also the cost for representing himself in the court. However, Mr Pearson was an administrative law judge so he knew his way around the system very well but regardless, this case was eventually lost after four years of hard work on the claimant’s behalf restoring some of the little faith people had in our legal system.

3. A 45-year-old lady called Laura Ziv from New Jersey sued her boss for 3.9 million over a claim where he accused her of looking like the Scottish beauty Susan Boyle and though that was not the basis of her lawsuit, it did make up a major part of it since it led to her having severe emotional distress and nightmares. However, on a serious note, her boss was accused of constantly calling her worthless and fat which were major causes of her depression and anxiety. There is only one thing I don’t get though and that is, what’s wrong with Susan??


4.      McDonald's was under the gun again when it was sued for 1 million by a man who claimed to have suffered emotional distress after receiving only one napkin with his order. In legal terms, the claim was based on negligent infliction where the defendant McDonald's exhibited this kind of behaviour causing distress to the plaintiff or the claimant. Here in the case of emotional distress, all the claimant had to do was connect their so-called “distress” to causing prolonged bodily harm and if they were to do this, they would most likely end up being allowed to take McDonald's to court.