Trying to change the world we change ourselves and our posture. Using the change such as the creation of amazing technology gives us the opportunity to record true history to leave to future generations. Will we be able to use this without manipulating it so that we actually tell a true history? Will we take a video and edit it to create a false narrative?

Yes the raw video is truth, moral, ethical or however you look at it but do we then become unethical if we change it, if we edit it and write a narrative that isn’t accurate? Does this then become a false history that we are leaving to future generations? I have no video or writings from my Great Grandfather, I have a few pictures and some stories from my grandmother… that is it. I have no way of knowing whether I am like him mentally.

I may be able to see that I resemble him in one way or have a similar smile etc. but this is a physical similarity. Where do I get my sense of humor, the creative or artistic value of my life? The technology we have today was not invented then but the technology of today has the potential to explain where my great great great great great grandson got his sense of humor and his artistic and creative aspect of his life.

If I edit one thing in my videos or pictures does this then change the history and will this now create a false narrative for the future? Could it be that simple to change the past, the future? In the hopes of changing the world do we inadvertently change history? Is this something that is already known and being exploited by those with the power to do so? It is never the change itself that is feared, it is the way the change is implemented and the process and procedure developed to implement it effectively that scares.