There is not just one door, just one key, just one way in. There is not just one key despite the fact that people have tried to answer or solve interpersonal behaviors for centuries and most likely will always try to in the future. Seeking one answer is a natural response because we search or have the need to find the truth and usually the truth is either yes or no, it does exist or it does not exist and here are the facts, figures and support to prove it.

Looking at this in one way; with one key at one door and focusing on the effort and practice of communication. A simple communication of 1 + 2 = 3 which we assume is universal. As a matter of formula on earth this rings as fact and can be proven without question. There is no debate about the formula because if you have one piece of chocolate and someone gives you two more pieces of chocolate you will unequivocally have three (before you eat them of course). There is no question and room for debate as it is fact and is proven.

In thinking of another key at another door in a more complex manner let us think that in our search for the truth there is an extraterrestrial species on a planet and we discover them and begin to communicate with them. On earth and by only thinking one key opens the door and there is only one door we focus on what we believe is fact because we can prove it. However on that planet the written digit 1 means the word ME and the written digit 2 means the word YOU. Now you are communicating in a method that neither realizes because it is not explained in advanced. When the attempted communication is not explained properly and is automatically assumed it could lead to loss, confusion and pain.

Progressing further in the attempted communication they have translated our attempts to communicate our perception of fact to ME and YOU which in a sense is positive and harmless as it is suggesting us and togetherness. As the communication progresses the last written digit and the solution, in what we view as fact and what they view in their reality as fact becomes the point of issue and the point of either positive or negative reaction, contention and or emotion.

In any conclusion to any proposal and or daily life matter the last response and in this case the last written digit determines the truest of outcomes. In this scenario both realities are assuming a factual communication process so neither is wrong in their attempt to communicate in a peaceful productive manner.

In the end it should be realized that the communication cannot be the one and only key to everything as it is just one aspect of a complex interpersonal relationship between people and species. It cannot be looked at as a “solve all” as there is more involved, in fact there is much more involved. Understanding, creative thinking and reasoning for example will play a huge role in this scenario because let us think for a moment that the last digit, the last written digit… 3….. means... WAR!