We can win and we can lose and the old saying of how we play the game has several hidden meanings. We can look at things in multiple ways as we should as a people so that we can grow into a society based of respect, based off love and peace and based off integrity. It is unlikely that every day, all day is always all good or all bad and that everyone is either all good or all bad. Good versus bad is one thing that echoes through time and quite possibly will always echo throughout the ticks of time leading to the future, however as a people we must make a concentrated effort to choose simple things to quiet this echo so that it does not reverberate forever.

If you choose to act with morals, ethics and integrity in life, sports or in business a competitor may surely arise however an enemy will not. A competitor respects and an enemy does not. A competitor will drive you forward and an enemy will lead you to eventually fall backwards. A competitor does not seek to destroy but an enemy will undoubtedly do so. A competitor wants to win to feel positive and an enemy will want you to lose so that you feel negative. A competitor will understand how to play fair and an enemy cannot and most likely will not.

How we form ourselves defines how we influence others. Which one we decide to be will determine which one the other person will become. In the end, how we choose to behave defines the difference between what is a competitor versus what is an enemy.