Point in Time


There was a point in time where the most ethical, moral, smartest and overall great people were held in the highest regards. Held to the standards of idolization or looked up to for guidance based on these outlining qualities. Understanding and realizing this when we revisit history and read through past philosophical writings and teachings is not priority or even spoken about.

Not many people even figure this out when comparing to the idols or people looked up to in the present. Today’s highest regarded are the ones who have the most money or hold the highest positions. The richest, most successful in business, politics, movie stardom and sports are the ones who are targets of interest, who are written about and who are asked to be followed and asked for quotes of motivation and inspiration.

Why, because we have become a society where money is the idol and those who possess it are to be held in the highest regards? I speak generally because reading this you may agree or even have realized this and I may not be the only one who understands this. Majority may not and most likely do not. Not to say that those who are being held to the highest today are not moral or ethical and overall great people as I have met some that are.

However it is has become a constant tone echoing throughout the world that those with are the ones who should be followed and looked up to. If it is that history repeats itself will history repeat itself in this way? Will our future society be looking for the philosophers, artists, poets, and creative thinkers to lead us into the future and become the ones to be admired?