Reason... Is this the Key to Life?


As humans we are categorized under the Kingdom - Animalia or Animal Kingdom of which we have emerged as the most dominant life form on the planet. What separates us is the ability to reason and there is no secret or doubting this as it is fact. However when we look to the human being we wondering why we have different thought processes and different ethical or moral standards. Does this behavior exist in nature and other species within the Animal Kingdom? Is one lion more disturbed mentally than another? Is one tiger or bear more evil or disconnected from reality than the others? If they could speak we would know the answer to this of course. We can study their behavior but I wouldn’t imagine there being too many that are truly disturbed in comparison to their peers. If we are in fact animals does the ability to reason really separate us from them. 

As humans we have such a serious disparity between the people who can love or consider family most important or think positive and are peaceful versus those who are negative and mentally incapable of acting ethically and with integrity. Is that one deciding factor that separates us from them the defining factor in why people mistreat others? How can this be because if this is in fact true, Reason now becomes the key to Human Life. Is one bear irrational and the others push it away or are confused by its actions and seek to imprison it in a cave because it commits atrocities? Is one lion trying to scheme the other lions and take over the bush by deceiving and lying to the others? Usually the strongest rules, humans you cannot say that - in fact the most deceitful unethical and immoral tend to rule. The ones without integrity cause the most issues in society. The ones who show negative behaviors like greed, violence or plain lying tend to lead and get to positions of power. They are disrupters and they derail the creators. 

Have only some humans evolved to higher beings and some have not? If a man for instance leaves his wife and kid behind and never returned is that man still displaying an animalistic behavior similar to a Lion who leaves the mother and cubs and moves on to another pasture? 

Besides Humans no where in the Animal Kingdom do Animals get married and almost all just leave the mother to tend to the babies. Is it Reason or can it be that as we evolve mentally some humans evolve slower and retain animalistic behaviors? What is it then that causes some humans to be unethical and immoral? Is this part of reason as well or is it that others evolve mentally much different? 

Looking at it simply, there is no money or monetary significance in the Animal Kingdom except for the human species. Is this the defining factor? If this is completely eliminated does this then change the whole philosophical idea I propose? I think it does and I think that it won’t eliminate these bad behaviors totally but I think it will lessen them dramatically. 

In the end I do not believe that we should be categorized as Animals as we are not in tuned with nature or the rest of the Animal Kingdom. We are not in tuned with the universe and we are not evolving mentally equally. We have eliminated species within the Animal Kingdom by destructive behaviors and no where in the Animal Kingdom is that behavior present. The lion, tiger or bear doesn’t just go berserk and decide to kill all the others in the quest of financial gain or even power. this the key to Homo Sapiens and the evolution thereof?