The Importance of an Open Mind


An open mind. One of the keys to success. Adopt it.

Most of us are often guilty and often make this big mistake. Thinking what we think is right. Now even if this may be right most of the time, an open mind set is pivotal. Learning to see the same scenario from a different perspective allows you to understand the situation from all angles rather than a singular point of view.

An open mind will help with the above allowing you to interact with people or situations more appropriately due to the greater empathy. Also, the idea to being wrong can also help you think through in a more detailed way the problem or situation you are faced with whether this is a formal discussion or well-orchestrated debate.

Some tips on how to be open minded

1. Forget or put aside all the information you know about the topic, issue or whatever and listen to what the other people have to say. One eye opening quote in this regard is: ‘It is easy to hear but hard to listen

2. Put yourself in other person’s shoes. Try to understand where the opposing argument comes from.

3. Objectively look at all the information and facts and don’t be afraid to be wrong!

Well now you have one the keys to success, hopefully your life will become easier!