London to Dubai in 29 minutes

And guess who's at the heart of the project...

Not 29 hours. 29 minutes. Isn't it exciting! No more boring flight playlists or waiting for that plane which never ever seems to turn up. Elon Musk has proposed a plan which connects cities closer than ever before. His idea of inter-city travel has been one which broke the headlines this past week.

Routes which will enable people to fly from London to Dubai in 29 minutes or from Hong Kong to Singapore in just 22 minutes have been constructed. Musk's plan of building an inter-city mode of transport will inevitably be the fastest of its kind and undoubtedly an exhilarating way to travel around the globe.  

How does it work?

In recent video simulations, the idea of using a floating launch pad out at sea has been presented to be a suitable way of coming about the launch of the rockets used to carry passengers from one side of the world to another. According to Musk, the rocket used will be able to carry 100 people at one time.

This futuristic idea works on the simple idea of providing a quick and passenger-friendly for those who want to go from one continent to another, say. It has never been done before which produces uncertainty on how well these plans to do so will be executed. Many have doubted Musk's idea due to a plausible argument of the comfort for passengers; in simple words, isn't it similar to a space exploration launch and will people feel safe when travelling?

However, Musk provides reassurance once again. He states that "Assuming max acceleration of 2 to 3 g's, but in a comfortable direction. Will feel like a mild to moderate amusement park ride on ascent and then smooth, peaceful & silent in zero gravity for most of the trip until landing."

A thrilling and inspiring future

If we cannot accept people pushing us forward to a more prosperous and exciting future, we shouldn't hinder them but instead, we should just leave them to do it. Though many feel like there is a very low chance of this actually happening, Musk is propelling to stop these tentative opinions. As a society and as individuals, we should be encouraging those like Musk to continue to build plans for the benefit of the world.

Intercity travel in the future will highly likely be a process carried out seamlessly, at low cost and in a very fast time. These plans from SpaceX Elon Musk are certainly ones which have been thoroughly thought out and strongly planned.

Here's to a more connected world!