Where has green technology gone?

We all thought sustainable technologies would be here by now...

With climate change and the enhanced global warming looming over our heads, it is almost certain that you have heard the terms "sustainability" or "clean technologies". A majority of people were excited with the idea of technologies which would significantly reduce pollution with renewable energies being a aspect to look at.

Solar energy, wind farms and advanced technologies able to reduce emissions on vehicles along with others, account for the growing market of green technologies. The average person has got rather familiar with the standard solar panels, always being told to install these "magical" technologies.

But has this whole concept of green and clean technologies worked? Are people more able to adopt these technologies which supposedly improve your health or make you a better citizen to the planet?

Rush decade

A large handful of companies were attracted by the bubble of clean technologies to save the world. Businesses rushed to create their technologies, with a majority claiming that they had the "best product" or the "most efficient". This was however rarely the case, with only incremental improvements rather than major steeping stones.

Such companies include Solyndra which created thin film solar cells made out of CIGS but when the prices of silicon (the traditional component of normal solar panels) plummeted, they had already been outcompeted from a price point of view. Solyndra attempted to be unique from their clean-tech competitors and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but there is something fundamentally wrong if the purpose of being unique carries no great value.

And this led to the closure of Solyndra...

The clock still ticks

The excessive hype which was brought by the rush to become the clean-tech monopoly, left us with a long list of bankruptcies and closures. To know that all this could have been avoided by careful planning and meaningful aims, should be a shock to all. The issue with the green industry is that many involved in this sector, think wishfully which is actually "expected".

Although some may disagree with climate change, with the likes of notable figures such as Donald Trump, everyone wishes to live a sustainable life with a low carbon footprint. No-one wants a barren landscape with dust and smog obscuring your vision as their number one place to live forever.

A healthy planet which allows us to live our lives fruitfully is a thought to be treasured by all.  The green industry is however full of wishful thinking, with the likes of companies claiming that their new solar cells will revolutionise the market or that these batteries will last forever. The majority of people simply don't care and if they do, there's not a lot of substance to care about...especially not when their products are expensive.

An anomaly

There is however a vibrant outlier. One which has jumped above all expectations and delivered a truly remarkable milestone within the green industry. Despite criticism, sceptics and doubt, no one can disagree with the achievements of Tesla.

The new Model 3 has shown us that green technology can be cheaper than we think. Breakthrough technology driven by a strong purpose to "accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy" have propelled Tesla in providing electric drive with little compromise.

That is the core of creating a successful green industry whereby innovation enriches communities through sustainable technologies with little to no compromise.

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