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The Tesla Semi Truck and Tesla Roadster

Source | Flickr Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Recently, Tesla had a release conference. They released the All new Tesla Semi truck and Tesla Roadster.

Tesla, if you did not know already, is an electric car company. Their founder, however, you probably will have heard. It is the legend, Elon Musk. His vision is that one day, everything will run on renewable sources. Because of this vision, Tesla sells not only cars but also solar panels and Powerwalls, an efficient way of managing the house's energy output and also input. Elon believes that the world has the technology to go all renewable, but it is currently too expensive and bulky.

Tesla's initial model was the Tesla Roadster, a car that Elon later admitted to being a complete failure. Their groundbreaker, and still their main model is the Model S. At the time, it was the fastest accelerating car in the world, and it's a sedan! It can fit 5 comfortably and has a sleek design. Tesla then made the Model X, an SUV version of the S. A few months ago, the Model 3 was released, a basic but affordable Tesla. All of these cars have fully functioning Autopilot, also groundbreaking. 

Recently, the Tesla semi was released. It was known that such a vehicle was coming early this year, but nobody knew anything else about it. The truck is the fastest truck in the world due to the fact that it is Electric. The Tesla Roadster was a surprise. As the trucks were pretending to start leaving at the "end" of the conference, one stopped, and opened its trailer, and out came the Tesla Roadster that no-one knew about. Its stats make it the fastest car in the world, due to its electric motors giving almost instant power. It goes from 0-60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, the first production car to break the 2-second barrier. A live demo was given on the stage of the conference to prove the stats.Elon says that this is just the beginning