Stripe: Only 7 lines of code

Above Photo: Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe | Original here FlickrAttribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

It takes only 7 lines of code to implement it

Building a billion dollar company just by allowing the spread of only 7 lines of code. Really? Not that bad to be honest. Okay then. It's a bit misleading. Stripe, a technology company which creates "powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce",  provides a way to allow businesses to accept payments online and through apps.

The magic number 7

The set-up to use Stripe involves little to no hassle. You can get Stripe and use it within a couple of minutes. That is the core beauty of Stripe; their user-friendly products ensure that businesses don't waste time upon implementing such a tool. Instead, it is a simple copy and paste process.

And the copy and paste process even isn't that tedious or complex. It is simply 7 lines of code but contains a great deal of function and usefulness. The sheer significance of "7" allows the simple implementation of code into any start-up. Operating in 25 countries, Stripe has been incorporated in more than 100,000 businesses.

A sustainable business?

This tech company is based on the idea of empowering start-ups and participating in the build up of small, new companies. Many could argue that Stripe is in a fierce pool of rivalry. With the likes of PayPal,  Square and Braintree, how is Stripe going to excel through the future. Although other competitors may certainly cater for a great number of customers, Stripe knows that their product is designed for the "developers".

These developers range from growing start-ups to small businesses and the simple fact is that start-ups will always exist. Many of which, render useful service to others and the majority of these versatile groups, always love the idea of "elegant processes".

And Stripe surely delivers a handful of these.