iPhone X- A masterpiece or stupid mistake?

Apple- the supposedly revolutionary is back again with its newest ranges of iPhones.

As part of the launch of the products, Apple launched 3 iPhones; the phone causing the most discussion is the iPhone X or iPhone 10. Apple says they have skipped the  "iPhone 9" as the iPhone X is such a big step up. Are they right? Or is it just a promotion technique to sell a more expensive iPhone to the consumer?

The Features that headline
The iPhone X comes with several features that distinguish itself from previous iPhones. The logical place to start with is the most obvious aesthetic change, the edge-to-edge display. In terms of usage, it gives a larger screen size in a smaller frame. The bezels have been significantly reduced in size. This gives the iPhone a more attractive look, as well as making it look unique and being easily distinguished in today's mobile market.

The next thing is the OLED Screen, a change from the traditional LED screen of the iPhone. Why? Apple says the OLED screen provides ''stunning colours, true blacks, high brightness, and a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio''. 

True Depth Camera is another feature of the iPhone X- making the heralded iPhone cameras even better. Its technology allows keen photographers to take even more professional photos with the editing tools allowing studio-like lighting. Other features include focusing on near and far objects. The camera allows a security feature called Face ID- its success will be pivotal to the iPhone's success as there is no fingerprint sensor anymore. Another cool feature is the Animoji- where your voice message will be conveyed through an animal communicating it. At least Apple hasn’t lost their sense of humour!

In addition to this, there are the usual upgrades such as improving the rear camera and etc; this wouldn't really be considered as ‘ground breaking’

Are they revolutionary?
The short answer is no.
A lot of these features have been seen before. If we breakdown the key features one by one: 
Firstly, the edge to edge display. A smell of Samsung is in the air. Multiple Samsung flagship phones already have an edge to edge display, although the iPhone’s 5.8 inch screen looks slightly different to its Android counterparts. Yet still, this feature isn’t as new and amazing as Apple would make it believe. Then you move onto the OLED screen; something again that exists on the market. In fact, Apple’s OLED screen can be bettered by other flagship phones in aspects such as brightness and other key metrics. A similar pattern when we look at these revolutionary and innovative features which are not very original as they are thought to be.

However, you could argue it is the same story with Apple’s most popular product since Steve Jobs departure; implement technology that is a few years old but has been tried and trusted. Apple then improves them with additions of their small imprint and tries to sell them as a completely new idea- examples of this include when they had the dual camera (a tact tried by HTC a few years earlier with the HTC One M8).

My opinion
Apple’s new iPhone has a face of it several significant changes. Although I do admire this, I disagree that these changes are revolutionary. If Apple's iPhone X is a monumental success, it will be due to the brand and not the phone. The lack of original changes makes me feel like the $999 price isn’t justified. Thus I disagree with the iPhone 9 being missed out.

Despite the seemingly negativity I surround the iPhone X with, I like the phone. However, as I like to put it: It is a big step of change for Apple (post Steve Jobs era), but not a large change for other phones- certainly not one which suggests 2 generation improvements.